Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Java Best Books For Learning - Best of lot, Must Read : From Beginner to Professional

We are sharing the best books for learning Java, which are read by almost every Java Developer, make you different and give an extra edge against the students who have just basic knowledge java.

1. Head First Java

This is the first door to start java. The best thing about this book is image visualization. Every concept of java is explained with the help of images and diagrams. Thus it becomes very easy for the java beginners to understand concept through images along with examples. Kathy Siera and Bert Bates have worked together in Sun, have explained the concepts in the best possible way. There are exercises like Fill in the blank, match the following at the end of every chapter, so you can implement whatever you have learned about the concept.

2. SCJP 6 Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Guide

This is the must read java book for beginners. This book has covered all the small tidbits about the common terms such as constructors, class, operations, exceptions... I recommend to try this book. It covers the details of the simple concept. You will surely enjoy reading it. The another great thing about this book is that topics are given and explained in a proper manner. This book also comes with a CD which contains all the sample papers of the OCJP (Oracle Certified Java Professional) exam. You can use that sample papers for your preparation. Also the quality of the questions at the end of each chapter is marvellous, especially Threads and Collections.

3. Effective Java

This book teach you how to effectively use and optimize java in real world. This is one of my favourite books in java written by Joshua Bloch. Concurrency, Generic and General programming are some of my favourite chapters in this book. Every topic has been explained with the example code, so you are learning in a more practical way. To get maximum benefit, you must read this book after reading either 1 or 2 (mentioned books above).

4. Java Concurrency in Practice

If you are pursuing career as a java developer, then this is the book you will surely going to enjoy. This book you can say is a niche in core java in other words it covers mainly one topic of core java that is concurrency, how two threads work simultaneously. How one can avoid deadlock, how to solve producer consumer problem.
Collections and concurrency are considered as the real core concepts of java core. This book you should read after reading above 3 books so that you don't find difficulty in understanding concepts of concurrency.

5. Thinking in Java

The topics from this books you can learn alot is Containers in depth, Annotations and Graphical User Interface. This book speciality is that you can find many class diagrams along with well explained coding examples. This book is not use for beginners. This book is for those who want to show their mettle and have desire to learn every piece of java.

6. Java Perfomance

This is the book which deals real world problems. Every language faces the limited resources problem. As we know java is used in enterprises, so when the scale of the application increases so as the resources required to keep the application alive and running. In these type of scenarios
we need special  kind of java experts. Experts who knows how to maintain the same level of performance with less usage of resources. This book is to become that kind of experts. You will learn what steps one should take to reduce memory load.  How to optimize the java application, which are good practices for coding and many things. This book is mainly for higher experienced java developers and coders.


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